⚡️Make your listeners cry with EMOTION and ANTICIPATION 😭

Well, probably not, but you can at least create a HUGE & POWERFUL Trailer track

⚡️Get ready to level up your music ⚡️

“I am now writing for a successful trailer music library thanks to Rich!”

"I have taken most of Richard's courses and it's really helped me on the structure of my tracks as well as not sounding "loopy", as well as making me feel that success in this industry is entirely possible! I am now writing for a successful trailer music library thanks to Richard's guidance and mentorship. Highly recommended!"

- Marlon Schaeffer - Composer

Right Now Your Life Looks A Bit Like...

You're a talented composer with big dreams of creating epic trailer music that moves audiences to their core. Yet, despite your passion and dedication, you find yourself stuck in a rut. Your compositions lack that elusive slow burn quality, leaving you frustrated and uncertain about how to break into the competitive world of Hollywood blockbusters.

  • You can't seem to structure your slow burn track properly

  • You are a little unsure as to what makes slow burn different

  • Your chord progressions and melodies sound lifeless and stale

  • Your track is missing a signature sound and you don't know where to start

Does This Sound Familiar?


You spend hours labouring over your compositions, but they never quite capture the epic, emotional essence you envision for trailer music.

The "slow burn trailer" sound eludes you, and you struggle to translate your ideas into fully-fledged tracks that resonate with audiences

No matter what you do, you can't finish your track. Whatever you try it just feels like it's looping and not going anywhere.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Way!

What if instead it was...

Imagine confidently crafting epic, slow burn trailer music that transports listeners to the heart of cinematic landscapes. Your music perfectly matches the epic narratives of the movie trailers you love.

Picture yourself immersed in the creative process, effortlessly developing ideas into awe-inspiring compositions that mirror the grandeur of Hollywood blockbusters. With the right guidance and expertise, this vision can become your reality.

I’ve discovered a better way.

By offering these structured lessons and real-world examples, this course empowers you to overcome the most common obstacles and to unlock your full potential in creating AWESOME Epic Slow Burn trailer music.


💁🏻‍♂️ I used to be in your shoes!

Hi, I'm Rich!

I started writing music for movie trailers in 2011. Then in 2017 I started teaching other people how to write music for trailers too.

Writing trailer music can be very daunting. On the one hand you have to write great ideas, often recorded yourself, then produce them to the highest possible standard. All from the comfort of your own studio. Or in my case, front room.

Learning to do this is tough, frustrating and sometimes gets you down. That's why I started creating courses. To help make writing music for trailers, ads, TV (and for fun) as simple and as straightforward as reading a book.

Richard Pryn

Course Creator

My Music Has Been Used in:

...and many, many more!

I’m so excited to introduce you to:

Epic Slow Burn | Trailer Music Course

This course is your ticket to mastering the art of epic slow burn trailer music and elevating your compositions to new heights. Joins on this transformative journey and unleash your creativity today.

With the Epic Slow Burn course you’ll finally be able to...

  • Understand the essence of slow burn trailer music and what sets it apart from other genres.

  • Learn proven techniques to infuse your compositions with emotion, intensity, and anticipation, capturing the epic essence of Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Develop your ideas into fully-fledged slow burn tracks with ease, mastering the art of pacing, dynamics, and storytelling through music.

  • Gain the confidence to produce high-quality slow burn trailer music that resonates with audiences and captivates filmmakers.

  • Unlock your full potential as a composer and position yourself for success in the competitive world of trailer music.


You can see results like this:


“He gently blows your mind with crazy talent”

Rich's "Epic Slow Burn" course has been priceless to me. I've revisited it numerous times during the composing of a recent burn-y album. There's something reassuring about the way he gently blows your mind with crazy talent. It seems so easy — but of course, it's not. Luckily, you can watch the dang thing again. :)

Rick Abbott - Composer


“Rich's course got me into trailer music!”

Rich teaches as if you're a friend sitting next to him at his computer. Watching over his shoulder as he creates a trailer track and explains the basics is very contagious and always makes me want to start writing.

Robert Lanting - Composer


“I would have save a lot on trial and error”

Richard's teachings will open a whole new world of creative possibilities for you the aspiring composer.

Tom Getty - Composer & Trailer Editor

What you get inside the Slow Burn course:

Understanding slow burn trailer music

Welcome to Epic Slow Burn, a course I've been repeatedly urged to create. Dive into the mesmerizing world of hybrid trailer music, where emotion, scale, and sheer awesomeness converge, as demonstrated through references from trailers like Avengers: Endgame, Dark Phoenix, and Star Trek.

Mastering the slow burn fundamentals

Unlock the secrets to crafting Epic Slow Burn tracks with precision and emotion. From discovering the best chord progressions and creating simple yet impactful melodies to adding tension with chromatics and layering techniques, this comprehensive guide empowers you to master every aspect of the slow burn genre, ensuring your compositions captivate listeners and resonate with depth.

Writing a slow burn track from scratch

Join me on an insightful journey as I guide you through crafting an Epic Slow Burn track from scratch. Experience firsthand the creative process, including moments of self-doubt, and learn valuable techniques to overcome challenges and bring your vision to life. With step-by-step tutorials covering everything from sketching structure to refining signature sounds, you'll gain the confidence and skills needed to produce awe-inspiring compositions that leave a lasting impact

Amazing right? Here’s how to join us:

  • Over 4 hours of high-quality video content

  • Slow Burn resource pack (with PDFs, MIDI files, and samples)

  • An award-winning instructor who reveals his whole process

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Lifetime access to the course

for only

$199 $99

Who is this course for?

This trailer music course caters to both beginners and advanced composers venturing into Epic Slow Burn music. Students will gain insights into trailer music structure and techniques to achieve a huge sound fitting for epic blockbuster campaigns. Advanced composers will find value in Rich's workflow, sample library recommendations, layering tips, and comprehensive track creations.

What are the requirements?

To do this course you will need:

- Access to a DAW (I use Logic Pro X)

- Access to orchestral sample libraries

- Basic knowledge of music theory

- Basic knowledge of music production

- Time to watch the videos and create your own music

🤝 My 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you're unhappy with the course, or you simply change your mind within 30 days of registration, you may request a full refund, provided you haven't accessed more than 30% of the course (not counting any publicly available portions, or anything included in the Welcome module).

🙋🏽‍♀️ You've got questions, I've got answers!

💻 Do I need to be able to use a DAW?

Yes, you do need to be able to use a DAW so you can follow along with the videos.

📘 Do I have to use Logic?

Nope, you can use whichever DAW you please as long as you know how to use it.

🎼 How much music theory do I need to know?

The wonderful thing about this, and all of my courses is that I try to steer clear of getting too deep into theory. You will be at an advantage if you know how to harmonise the major/minor scales but aside from that you won't need any theory.

🎛 Do I have to know how to mix and master too?

I am so blessed to have had the amazing mixing and mastering engineer Toby Mason produce an hour-long masterclass in Trailer Music mixing and mastering. He shows you how to mix and master your music to a Hollywood standard within the course.

🤝 Can you guarantee I will get a placement?

Of course not! What I can say is that of all the composers and producers who have taken this course, the ones who are getting work as trailer music composers are the ones who put the hours into their work. They also happen to be super nice people (industry secret there)

How long do I have access to the course?

Forever. You bought the course and you own it for life. Access it anytime you want. You’ll also get all the course updates and new lessons for FREE forever. This is NOT a membership or subscription course.

📽 What format is the course delivered in?

It’s a video course hosted by GoHighLevel that requires you to log in and stream the videos. The course also includes downloadable PDFs.

🔒 Is my credit card secure?

I’ve partnered with GoHighLevel, Stripe, and PayPal to handle billing and provide a secure socket layer, 256-bit encryption.

Let's do this....

  • Over 4 hours of high-quality video content

  • Slow Burn resource pack (with PDFs, MIDI files, and samples)

  • An award-winning instructor who reveals his whole process

  • 30-day money-back guarantee

  • Lifetime access to the course

for only

$199 $99

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